A strong warrior class is essential for a strong, lasting, and fruitful society. The Warrior is, quite literally, the one who engages in war. But in a social and political context, the Warrior is much more. The warrior is the cornerstone of society. Warriors’ toils and blood keep civilians safe, preserve culture, economy, and political systems for future generations. The warrior is the ideal citizen, dedicated to the point of being willing to lay down their life for the good of the country.

Kyleanne Hunter, Warrior Culture

In respect of time-honored military tradition, friendly competition, and esprit de corps, the Professional Education Centers Holistic Health and Fitness team has put together a monthly challenge based on a Total Force Fitness Framework. This framework spans across Department of Defense (DoD), Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense Health Agency (DHA), Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) education to ensure that National Guard members have access to the resources, training, and mentorship to build their own skillsets and autonomy around happiness, health, and a hunger for this life.

The National Guard Professional Education Center will be posting a new challenge every month, aligned with the National Guard Bureau Health and Wellness Initiative and other National Guard entities. PEC will also be providing educational opportunities, toolkits, and resources that our service members, their families, and our communities can use to be build a lifetime of health and fitness.