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  • Billeting at Independence, Patriot and Liberty Halls

    DSN 962-4700 – COMM (501) 212-4700

    • Reservations for lodging are automatically made when class is scheduled in ATRRS, so there is no need to call for reservations. Government quarters are generally available. However, PEC Training Centers will issue certificates of non-availability when Government quarters are not available and attendees are directed to off post billeting. Therefore, all attendees must be prepared to pay by government credit card if billeted off post.
    • Each room is furnished with a bed, a desk, desk chair, lamp, clock radio, flat screen TV, refrigerator, and internet access.. All rooms have private bathroom facilities. Washing machines and dryers are located in Independence, Patriot, and Liberty Halls for guest use at no cost. Irons and ironing boards are available in each room.
    • All rooms are single occupancy only and overnight guests are not permitted.
    • Storage of bicycles or other large equipment in rooms is not authorized.
    • Cooking is not permitted in rooms.
    • Individual rooms do not have microwaves or coffee pots, however microwaves are located in each lodging facility and coffee is available in the lobby of Independence Hall in the morning. Guests may bring a small coffee maker and coffee for use in their rooms.
    • Dormitories are cleaned daily, Monday thru Friday. Male and female housekeepers work in dormitories. Please dress appropriately when outside your room.
    • Individual rooms are vacuumed on a daily basis. Linens are exchanged every Friday or upon checkout. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and bath mats are provided daily Monday thru Thursday. On Friday two bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and bathmats are provided for use through the weekend. Occupants who are continuing their stay should strip their beds on Friday morning in order to receive clean linens. On weekends, trash will be removed from common areas only.
    • Please bring any concerns that you may have to the attention of the Housing Manager (501) 212-4783 or the Registration Desk (501) 212-4700.
  • Concord Café

    COMM (501) 212-4702 / 4596

    • The centrally located Concord Café is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The staff is committed to providing customers with excellent service, food quality and selection, as well as comfort and convenience. Concord Café is a civilian contracted facility, rather than a traditional military DFAC. Meals are available at a reasonable cost that is well within the authorized per diem rate of $59. Students and conferees should ensure they bring enough funds to purchase meals. Concord Café accepts Visa and Mastercard.
    • Clean and dry PT uniforms are acceptable attire in the dining facility. Spandex type pants or underwear must be worn under loose fitting shorts. Bathing suits, excessively abbreviated or revealing clothing, short-shorts, unhemmed cutoffs, midriff tops, halters, tube tops, sleeveless garments (such as sweatshirts, athletic jersey shirts, and tank tops), shower shoes, undershirts or other clothing intended for wear as under garments are not to be worn in the dining facility.
    • Concord Café can also provide contract refreshments for conferences and workshops, to include a full morning and afternoon menu tailored to your organization's specific needs. A complete menu of light or heavy hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar with alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are also available for evening socials or "ice breakers." Permission to use conference facilities must be obtained from the PEC Operations Branch at (501) 212-4828. Please let us know what we can do for you.
    • Concord Café Daily Hours of Operation:
      • Breakfast - 0600 - 0800
        • open between Breakfast and Lunch for Hot Soup, Beverages, and Snacks
      • Lunch - 1100 - 1300
        • open between Lunch and Dinner for Hot Soup, Beverages, and Snacks
      • Dinner - 1630 - 1830
    • * For the latest info, and for any questions you may have, please contact the PEC Dining Facility at 501-212-4702 / 4596.
  • Freedom Hall - Fitness Center

    DSN 962-4661 - COMM (501) 212-4661

    • The Freedom Hall Fitness Center is a well equipped, air conditioned fitness facility with two indoor basketball/volleyball courts, racquetball courts, rooms suitable for aerobics, sauna, weight room, and a full line of aerobic machines. Outside you will find exercise bars, tennis courts, and a sand volleyball court. To enhance your experience, cable TV is visible from most aerobic machines. Staff members can also assist you with exercise advice and instruction, as well as help you monitor progress.
    • Hours of Operation:
      • Monday - Friday 0530-2000
      • Saturday - 0900-1600
      • Sunday 0900-1500
    • Weekly Class Schedule:
      • Weekly Class Schedule:
        Day Time Class
        0600-0700 Spinning
        1530-1615 Circuit Training
        1130-1215 Push-Up/Sit-Up Improvement
        0600-0700 Spinning
        1530-1615 Circuit Training
        0600-0645 Abs
        0645-0730 Body Shaping
        1130-1215 Push-Up/Sit-Up Improvement
        0600-0645 Circuit Training
  • Jones Auditorium
    • The auditorium in Militia Hall has been home to many events, workshops, and conferences throughout its existence. Jones Auditorium is outfitted with state of the art audio, video, and multi-media equipment in order to provide 5-star quality support to events hosted at PEC. The auditorium can be opened up into two adjacent wings to increase the capacity for larger events. With the support of the PEC Multi-Media section, Jones Auditorium really is a world class conferencing facility. Just a few of the many features and capabilities of Jones Auditorium are:
      • Seating capacity up to 1,000 (with wings)
      • Filming and recording of events
      • Video streaming via the WWW
      • Live Video Teleconferencing
      • Three 10-foot display screens for presentations
      • Table microphones for working conferences
      • Multiple seating configurations to best suit the event
    • The scheduling of Jones Auditorium is coordinated through PEC Operations up to two years in advance for select events, please contact the Conferencing Branch at 501-212-6777.
    • Jones Auditorium is named in memory of BG Francis E. Jones, the first commandant of PEC
  • PEC Transportation

    DSN 962-4869 – COMM (501) 212-4869

    PEC Transportation provides shuttle service to and from the Little Rock National Airport as well as local area destinations. For transportation to locations in the Little Rock / North Little Rock area other than what is on the schedule, simply submit your request 24 hours in advance at the front desk.

    Transportation Schedule
    Both Liberty and Patriot Hall Passengers Load in Circle Drive.

    Inprocessing Outprocessing
    Time Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday
    0345 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0355 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0355 Independence Independence Independence
    0445 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0450 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0455 Independence Independence Independence
    0545 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0550 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0555 Independence Independence Independence
    0645 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0650 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0655 Independence Independence Independence
    0745 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0750 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0755 Independence Independence Independence
    0800 LR Airport LR Airport
    0845 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0850 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0855 Independence Independence Independence
    0900 LR Airport LR Airport
    0945 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    0950 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    0955 Independence Independence Independence
    1000 LR Airport LR Airport
    1045 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    1050 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    1055 Independence Independence Independence
    1100 LR Airport LR Airport
    1145 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    1150 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    1155 Independence Independence Independence
    1200 LR Airport LR Airport
    1245 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    1250 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    1255 Independence Independence Independence
    1300 LR Airport LR Airport
    1345 Liberty Liberty Liberty
    1350 Patriot Patriot Patriot
    1355 Independence Independence Independence
    1400 LR Airport LR Airport
    1445 Liberty Liberty
    1450 Patriot Patriot
    1455 Independence Independence
    1500 LR Airport LR Airport
    1545 Liberty Liberty
    1550 Patriot Patriot
    1555 Independence Independence
    1600 LR Airport LR Airport
    1645 Liberty Liberty
    1650 Patriot Patriot
    1655 Independence Independence
    1700 LR Airport LR Airport
    1800 LR Airport LR Airport
    1900 LR Airport LR Airport
    2000 LR Airport LR Airport
    2100 LR Airport LR Airport
    2200 LR Airport LR Airport
    2300 LR Airport LR Airport

    Student Support Trips (Depart from Independence Hall)
    McCain Mall Area (Sun-Sat)
    Downtown Little Rock, River Market (Tue-Fri)

    Days Depart Return
    Mon-Fri 1800 1st 2000
    2nd 2130
    Saturday 0900, 1030, 1200, 1330,
    1500, 1630, 1800, 2000
    Coordinate with Driver. Last pick up is 2130
    Sunday 1200, 1330, 1500, 1630 Coordinate with Driver. Last pick up is 1800

    Return times will be arranged between driver and attendee.

    Return times will be arranged between driver and attendee.
    Times are subject to change without notice as mission requirements change.

Last Updated: 9/10/2019 9:20:09 PM