PEC Family Program

Welcome to the Professional Education Center Family Program. As you become familiar with PEC, you will understand how special this place is because families are valued as the heart of "the Spirit of the Guard."

If you are new to the PEC Family, we urge you to connect with the Family Program office and get plugged into our circle of communications because you and your household, no matter if you are single or have an army of kids, will benefit.

Contact Info:

  • 501-212-4885

Get to know PEC folks at a monthly Coffee Connection, a monthly meeting, or one of the many other Family Program group of activities.

Maybe you need to spark your interest in Arkansas? Then check out where you'll learn about areas like the River Front Market, the Buffalo River, or the shopping in the Heights! Maybe you need information about moving and relocating? Then check out the "Smooth Moves" information from Military One Source.


The vision is to provide support and assistance and a means of communication among all PEC's workforce and their families.


The purpose is to maintain and facilitate ongoing readiness, communication, involvement, recognition, and support between the PEC workforce and their families in a partnership that promotes the best in each.


The symbol is a feather. Feathers give flight to what otherwise science identifies as something that can't fly. Historically when feathers were displayed by leaders, it meant accomplishments. Today feathers can remind us that we are leaders of ourselves, our homes, our families, and our communities. The feather attached to the PEC pin symbolizes we are all one of the flock. Remember that birds of a feather flock together!

Who is the PEC Family?

The PEC family includes the PEC workforce and their families. It is comprised of assigned National Guard Title 10 soldiers, ADOS soldiers, Federal Employees, State Employees, Contractors and their families. PEC family members stationed at PEC come from all 50 states, territories, and the District of Columbia. The PEC Family comes together to be a part of social activities and events that serve the welfare and interest of PEC and PEC's families.

How can we serve you?
  • Link you with PEC families
  • Provide you with resources
  • Connect you with national information and training
How can you connect?
  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Participate in Events
  • Interact with Group Activities
  • Volunteer for Initiatives
  • Ensure the Military Family Support office has your contact information so we can connect via face-to-face, phone, email, newsletters and website because we want to connect with YOU!
To All PEC Families

We feel it is a privilege to be here at PEC at this time. Please know that this command is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Also know that the Family Readiness Group Program is near and dear to our hearts. Our son started kindergarten at our first National Guard Title 10 assignment in 1992 at Fort Hood Texas. During this 20 years, we have met so many wonderful and dear families along the way. We have felt so blessed and our lives so enriched because of this.

While we are here we want to make the Family Readiness Group Program the best that we can. However we need your help. PEC's workforce is large and diverse and because of that, the FRG will need to be large also. The diversity of the FRG will make it a strong and resilient organization that is prepared to face the changing environment that PEC is entering into. PEC's mission is to support National Guard readiness and the FRG can assist us in that mission by preparing our families to face this new era of changes.