Attendee Information

Whether this will be your first visit to the Professional Education Center, or you visit us so frequently that our front desk staff members remember you by name, the information below can be very useful.

Directions to Camp Robinson's main gate:

  1. On I-40 take exit 150 (Burns Park/Military Drive).
  2. If coming from the west, continue on Military Drive to the front gate. If coming from the east, turn left on Boyer Drive, then right onto Military Drive.
  3. After checking in at the gate, proceed up the hill, bearing to the right at the top of the hill onto 6th Street.
  4. At the four-way stop (PEC Marquee sign), turn right onto Missouri Avenue. Independence Hall is the six-story building on your left.

Google Map directions to PEC

  • Address to the Post Gate for GPS Users:
  • 378 Military Rd
  • North Little Rock, AR 72199
  • Alternate: 34.814392, -92.290849
  • PEC Registration desk (Independence Hall) is located at:
  • 1404 Missouri Avenue
  • North Little Rock, AR

Contact Information and Mailing Address

PEC Registration Desk - 501-212-4700

PEC Conference Support - 501-212-6777

  • The mailing address for Students and Conferees is:
  • Professional Education Center
  • ATTN: Name, Course Title
  • Building 5302
  • North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600
  • The address for shipping packages (USPS, UPS and FedEx) is:
  • Professional Education Center
  • ATTN: Name, Course Title
  • Bldg 1501A, PEC Warehouse
  • North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600

Packages mailed to the above address will be delivered to appropriate personnel in the class training center or Conference OPS.

PEC does not offer full Postal Services; however, a Postal Service mailbox and stamp vending machine is located in the lobby of Independence Hall.

Arrival / Reporting Procedures / Transportation:

All students, including those who will stay off post, must report to Independence Hall, Building 1404 to register. Independence Hall is the six story lodging facility located on Missouri Avenue. Please have vehicle information ready at check-in if arriving by POV or GSA vehicle. The Independence Hall registration desk operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The phone numbers for registration are: Commercial, 501-212-4700; DSN, 962-4700.

Limited scheduled shuttle service is provided from the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport to PEC. Buses and vans pick up students at the covered island adjacent to the baggage claim area. Shuttle service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students arriving at peak times can wait for the next shuttle or take a taxi. Students arriving after 2200 hours will need to take a taxi. Approximate cost for the taxi is $30 - $40, which is reimbursable on your travel voucher. (Black & White Cab Company (501) 374-0333; Capitol Cab Company (501) 568-0462).

Click here to view the transportation schedule.

Transportation is provided to the airport from PEC on the day of departure. Times are posted in the lobby of Independence Hall or may be obtained by calling the registration desk at 501-212-4700.

PEC also provides limited shuttle service to area shopping and dining attractions.


Check out time is 1000 hours. Beds must be stripped and bedding/linen placed on the top of the bed. You must check out with PEC Registration which is located in the Lobby of Building 1404, Independence Hall.

Spouses / Guest

All rooms are single occupancy only and overnight guests are not permitted. Spouses and guests are required to stay off post at their own expense.


The PEC registration desk can be reached by dialing 501-212-4700 (DSN 962). The registration desk will be able to locate and connect to those students and conference attendees staying on post. Many conferences held at PEC maintain a conference support center during conference hours where messages and faxes may be left for attendees. The Conference Support Center is staffed and maintained by the conference hosting agency and can be reached at extension 6777. Conference attendees should consult the conference MOI for more details on how they can be contacted during the conference.

Copy, Print Fax

Reproduction support is available to conferees through the conference POC. Most conferences arrange for use of the courtesy copy machine. Please limit use to 25 copies. Larger reproduction projects need to be made through the conference POC.

Students and conferees may use the fax machine located at the registration desk in Independence Hall for Official Use Only. The incoming fax number is 501-212-4679 (DSN prefix 962).

Medical Care

The Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) can provide medical care to all AGR and Traditional Guardsman (not in technician status). Technicians will receive medical care at a local medical facility in North Little Rock. Report to Registration prior to reporting for sick call. Sick Call hours are from 0700-0800, Monday through Friday in building 6500. Soldiers must have an Individual Sick Slip (DD 689) and military ID card in order to be seen at the TMC. Soldiers can get DD689 from either the training center NCOIC or class leader.

The TMC is open from 0700-1530, Monday-Friday. Appointments can be made by calling (501) 212-5262 from 0900-1430 on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and from 0900-1030 on Thursday. Emergency treatment will be provided when the clinic is open. After hour care will be arranged by Registration/Staff Duty personnel.


Fire extinguishers, fire alarms and instructions for emergency procedures are located in all buildings. The phone number for the Post Station is 212-5280/5282.

Billeting / Housekeeping

Reservations for lodging are automatically made when class is scheduled in ATRRS, so there is no need to call for reservations. Government quarters are generally available. However, PEC Training Centers will issue certificates of non-availability when Government quarters are not available and attendees are directed to off post billeting. Therefore, all attendees must be prepared to pay by government credit card if billeted off post.

Each room is furnished with a bed, a desk, desk chair, lamp, clock radio, flat screen TV, refrigerator, and internet access. All rooms have private bathroom facilities. Washing machines and dryers are located in Independence, Patriot, and Liberty Halls for guest use at no cost. Irons and ironing boards are available in each room.

All rooms are single occupancy only and overnight guests are not permitted.

Storage of bicycles or other large equipment in rooms is not authorized.

Cooking is not permitted in rooms.

Individual rooms do not have microwaves or coffee pots, however microwaves are located in each lodging facility and coffee is available in the lobby of Independence Hall. Guests may bring a small coffee maker and coffee for use in their rooms.

Dormitories are cleaned daily, Monday thru Friday. Male and female housekeepers work in dormitories. Please dress appropriately when outside your room.

Individual rooms are vacuumed on a daily basis. Linens are exchanged every Friday or upon checkout. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and bath mats are provided daily Monday thru Thursday. On Friday two bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and bathmats are provided for use through the weekend. Occupants who are continuing their stay should strip their beds on Friday morning in order to receive clean linens. On weekends, trash will be removed from common areas only.

Please bring any concerns that you may have to the attention of the Housing Manager (501) 212-4783 or the Registration Desk (501) 212-4700.

Dining Facility

Food Service POC Numbers
COR Office                     501-212-4915
Services Support Office 501-212-6545

The centrally located Concord Café is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have Grab & Go items for easy purchase. The staff is committed to providing customers with excellent service, food quality and selection, as well as comfort and convenience. Concord Café is a civilian contracted facility, rather than a traditional military DFAC. Meals are available at a reasonable cost that is well within the authorized per diem rate of $59. Students and conferees should ensure they bring enough funds to purchase meals. Concord Café accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Clean and dry PT uniforms are acceptable attire in the dining facility. Spandex type pants or underwear must be worn under loose fitting shorts. Bathing suits, excessively abbreviated or revealing clothing, short-shorts, unhemmed cutoffs, midriff tops, halters, tube tops, sleeveless garments (such as sweatshirts, athletic jersey shirts, and tank tops), shower shoes, undershirts or other clothing intended for wear as under garments are not to be worn in the dining facility.

Concord Café can also provide contract refreshments for conferences and workshops, to include a full morning and afternoon menu tailored to your organization's specific needs. A complete menu of light or heavy hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar with alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are also available for evening socials or "ice breakers." Permission to use conference facilities must be obtained from the PEC Operations Branch at (501) 212-4828. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Concord Café Daily Hours of Operation:


  • Breakfast
    0600 - 0800
  • Lunch
    1100 - 1300
  • Dinner
    1700 - 1900

Weekends and Holidays

  • Brunch
    1000 - 1200
  • Dinner
    1700 - 1930

Fitness Center

The SFC Troy L. Miranda Combat Athletic Performance Center, setup for ACFT, is a well equipped air conditioned fitness facility with racquetball courts, rooms suitable for aerobics, sauna, weight room, and a full line of aerobic machines. To enhance your experience, cable TV is visible from most aerobic machines. Staff members can also assist you with exercise advice and instruction, as well as help you monitor progress.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Friday 0530-2000
  • Saturday & Sunday 1000-1400

MWR Canteen - Shoppette

The Canteen/Shoppette in located in the MWR Complex (Bldg. 5305 - NON AFFES) within walking distance from all billets. The Canteen has small convenience items such as food, toiletries, gift items and some issue items. The Canteen/PX is open Monday-Friday 0900-1900, Saturday 0900-1800, and Sunday 1000-1700. The Canteen/PX phone number is 501-753-9017.

Barber Shop

Camp Robinson Canteen Barber Shop is located in the MWR Complex (Bldg 5305) and is open Monday-Friday 0900-1800 and Saturday 0700-1600 and is closed on Sundays.

Rock Restaurant, Rock Lounge and Minuteman Pizzaria

The Rock Restaurant, Lounge & Minuteman Pizzaria, operated by MWR, are located in the MWR Complex (Bldg 5305). There is no cover charge.

The restaurant does accept credit cards. The restaurant is open Monday-Friday 1000-1330, closed Saturday & Sunday. The phone number is 501-758-8468.

The lounge is open Monday-Saturday 1530-2245, and Sunday 1500-2145. The lounge doesn't accept credit cards. PEC Students and conferees are discouraged from frequenting the Rock Lounge in uniform after 1800. The phone number is 501-758-5076.

The Minuteman Pizzaria is open 7-days a week from 1100-2030. The pizzaria does accept credit cards. Call ins are welcome for pick up only. The pizzaria is for dine in or carry out only, no delivery. The phone number is 501-771-1453.

NOTE: The support facilities, to include the credit union, barber shop, canteen/PX, the Rock Restaurant, Rock lounge, and pizzaria are operated by MWR or are contracted through the State of Arkansas. PEC has no control over the operations of these facilities; however, our students and conferees are authorized to use them at their leisure.

There are many fine dining establishments of all types of cuisine in the Little Rock/North Little Rock areas. A restaurant guide is available at the registration desk.

Severe Weather

Local TV stations, (ABC) (CBS) (NBC), maintain severe weather watches and transmit warning symbols on the lower left of the screen. The PEC maintains a weather-alert radio. Camp Robinson fire/security station monitors severe weather bulletins. Camp Robinson is in Pulaski County near the center of Arkansas.

Quiet Hours

PEC students and conferees are reminded of the PEC “Quiet” hours from 2200-0500. Noise disturbances or other violations of quiet hours by individuals, approved parties with or without alcoholic beverage consumption, and unauthorized groups will be reported to Staff Duty personnel and Camp Robinson Police as required. A violation of quiet hours may result in dismissal or release from a PEC course or conference.


Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings. Every building has a designated exterior smoking area.

Drugs and Alcohol

Local law enforcement agencies are alert for drunken drivers. A DWI can cost you your driver’s license for six months (resident or nonresident). Failure to submit to a Breathalyzer test can result in two charges: (1) a DWI, and (2) refusing to take a Breathalyzer test. Penalties for possession, sale, and/or use of illicit drugs are very severe in Arkansas.

PEC POLICY- The consumption of alcohol in any form is strongly discouraged. Alcohol MAY NOT be consumed in the following areas: Registration, to include the outside break area, any parking lot, and any billeting hallway. “Beer busts” are prohibited. Alcohol MAY be consumed in moderation in the following areas: inside billets provided no more than 3 people are in the room, in break areas, and in the designated picnic areas. PEC students and conferees involved in an alcohol related disturbance at PEC, and any alcohol related incidents with any law enforcement agency on or off post (arrest or issuance of a citation), will be released or dismissed from the course or conference and returned to his/her state.


Firearms are not permitted at PEC. The Commander must approve any exception to this policy.

When Traveling

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