Strength Maintenance Training Center (SMTC)

Training the ARNG Recruiting and Retention Command is the primary responsibility of SMTC. All training is compliant with current TRADOC guidance and utilizes the Training Development Capability (TDC) for course development. SMTC is fully accredited by Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The SMTC trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Center is the only active duty NCO Academy in the Army National Guard.

Mission - Our mission at the SMTC is to provide the best possible training to the Army National Guard's Strength Maintenance Force. To produce competent, technical, agile, and resilient leaders/Soldiers that are fully capable of supporting and executing the three tenets of the Strength Maintenance Philosophy; Recruiting, Retention, and Attrition Management, in an ever-changing operating environment. To consistently demonstrate, in word and deed, the seven Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

Vision - Our vision is to continuously expand our capabilities as an Institute of Excellence and an enduring doctrinal training resource that impacts Strength Maintenance objectives by providing the 54 States and Territories with relevant and challenging training that develops competent, adaptive, and critical thinking leaders/Soldiers. To have the most well-trained, professional, and productive staff and faculty to guarantee the best possible training experience for every student.

Mobile Training Teams (MTT) - The SMTC also offers various types of mobile training for both traditional and AGR Soldiers to assist the 54 States and Territories in achieving their Recruiting, Retention, and Attrition Management missions. The SMTC offers mobile training that specifically addresses Attrition Maintenance for all levels of command and also offers sustainment training for Recruiting and Retention personnel. Mobile training can be tailored to fit individual State/Territories specific needs while simultaneously re-emphasizing the Strength Maintenance Philosophy.

Resource Center - The SMTC has implemented SharePoint as a collaborative platform to deliver training and provide 24 hour access to current resources. To access training resources, course schedules, or the most current regulatory guidance you need to request access to our SharePoint site at