Sustainment, Installations & Environmental Battalion (SIEB)

While their focus is three-fold, Sustainment, Installations & Environmental Battalion (SIEB) has only one mission, which centers on enhancing unit readiness and maximizing resources for the Army National Guard. SIEB continues to serve as the leader of strategic change for the ILE community by training approximately 12,000 students a year. SIEB helps ensure the movement of the materials and resources necessary to get any mission done, regardless of size. In this day and age, the standard is to accomplish this task in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Contact Info:

  • Admin: DSN 962-4614 - COMM (501) 212-4614
  • STAMIS HelpDesk: 1-800-863-3637


  • SIEB - Frequent Comments
  • Concord Café: The dining facility at PEC is a contracted food service operation. Students will receive full per diem ($51/day + $3/day for incidentals).
  • MOS Certification: The courses at SIEB are designed to teach ARNG Full-Time Support personnel to perform their duties within the state ARNG peacetime environment. The SIEB does not teach "TRADOC" courses; therefore, it is not an MOS-producing school. TRADOC courses are not designed to incorporate Guard unique operating systems, practices, and procedures.
  • Refrigerators/Microwave/Coffee Pots in Billets: In addition to the increase in electrical power usage, the primary issue is cleanliness of the billets. PEC is not funded for sufficient personnel to support cleaning services for these items nor funds for coffee services. This is a quality of life issue that will continue to be monitored and addressed when funding support is available.
  • AAFES/PX: The Canteen operating on Camp Robinson is operated by Arkansas MWR, which enables more MWR funds to be returned to Camp Robinson than if AAFES was operating the site. However, since they do not have the resources found within AAFES, the Canteen cannot offer checking cashing services, use of Military Star Card and other conveniences found at active duty posts.
  • Publications: All publications used at the SIEB, except for HAZMAT, may be obtained in electronic format from the USAPA home page or from the Army Electronic Online Library. SIEB does not provide these publications to the students due to the prohibitive costs associated with providing publications to 2500+ students per year.
  • Computer Lab for STAMIS’s: Unfortunately, the ILE is not staffed to provide after-hours support for a STAMIS computer lab. We do, however, work with classes and individual students to insure that adequate time is provided for working with the STAMIS’s in our classrooms.
  • Computer Training: SMARTFORCE is available to all ARNG soldiers to increase their computer skills. SIEB is not the preferred source to enhance standard computer skills with MS Office suite products. It is not cost efficient to duplicate training available from other sources.
  • Guardnet ID/Password: All students in management positions are encouraged to obtain a login ID and password for Guard Knowledge Online. AKO military email addresses may be obtained from Army Knowledge Online, which also provides extensive military references and information.
  • Course Length: Many students want courses to be longer. It is difficult for states to send students to any course longer than two weeks since this is the standard AT time period. SIEB attempts to teach the critical tasks necessary for particular job positions within a cost-efficient time.