Resource Management Training Battalion (RMTB)

As the ARNG transforms from a requirements oriented culture to a cost oriented culture, an enterprise mindset must be adopted so the ARNG acts as a single entity. This will focus our energy on what are the best business processes ensuring the ARNG provides mission-ready units in support of the National Military Strategy. Education and training delivered by the Resource Management Training Battalion will empower the ARNG to adopt a cost management culture supporting a fully mission capable readiness posture throughout the ARNG.

FM Community Training Partners

Mission: To Provide trained, ready, and agile military and civilian leaders; develop integrated concepts, doctrine, organization, training and material across the spectrum of Financial Management (FM) in support of America's Armed Forces in war and peace.

Mission: USAFMCOM is responsible for the delivery of Army-wide level financial management functions, including systems support, audit and compliance support, financial operations support, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business standardization support, and for providing operational oversight of Army field financial management activities.

The RMAC advises and assists the ARNG CFO, the Comptroller Division Chief (RMC), the Financial Operations Division Chief (RMF), and the ARNG financial management community on all matters pertaining to all aspects of resource management. The RMAC discusses matters and works solutions that have impact reaching across the National Guard. The RMAC provides a unique insight into the challenges and difficulties facing the States while ensuring a communication link between the 54 and the ARNG.