Organizational Readiness Training Center (ORTC)

ORTC’s mission is to assist the leaders of all organizations in improving the effectiveness, productivity, and readiness of the National Guard. Their vision is to be the National Guard provider of choice for Process, Behavior, and Organization (PB&O) improvement. Their purpose is to integrate and support the execution of National Guard quality policies, programs, and doctrine into PB&O.

Contact Info:

  • ORTC Chief: COMM (501) 212-6656 or DSN 962-6656
  • ORTC Deputy: COMM (501) 212-4620 or DSN 962-4620

ARNG Strategic Planning and Management Course

Students learn the fundamentals of strategic planning and how to develop strategies and cascading action plans designed to achieve their leadership’s strategic objectives. Emphasis is placed on producing a plan, and how to conduct cyclic performance reviews.

ARNG Basic Project Management Course

This course teaches students highly proven and innovative practices to plan, develop, and execute action plans or special projects in support of strategic or annual performance plans, as well as special unit or organizational projects. The ARNG Professional Education Center has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Please note, however, this is not an exam prep course.

ARNG Group Facilitation Course

This course is designed to train facilitators to effectively assist ARNG leadership in the facilitation of organizational level decision-making meetings by obtaining full and open participation from attendees with competing interest of varying ranks and backgrounds.

ARNG Organizational Assessment Course

This course teaches students to create and assess an organizational performance framework using the Baldrige Criteria. Course graduates learn to organize and analyze the assessment findings to create a senior leader brief that highlights process strengths and justifies priorities for organizational improvements.

ARNG Organizational Performance Examiner Course

This course teaches students skills in the application of the Malcom Baldrige Criteria and the skills necessary to assess the quality of an organizational application. Students develop analytical and consensus-building skills and a systems perspective of organizational performance necessary to review and score applications.