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NOTICE: Do not contact the Guard Support Center for information about PEC Courses (Resident or Online) or other information about PEC.

Welcome to the Army National Guard Support Center.

The Guard Support Center is a one-stop shop for Army National Guard Soldiers, their spouses, and all those who work with ARNG Soldiers to gain information and receive counseling on Education Benefits and resources and civilian employment assistance and one-on-one coaching.

The Army National Guard Support Center is located at the National Guard Professional Education Center, Building 5400 (G-1 Complex), North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Education and Employment Counselors are available 0600-1800, Monday through Friday. We look forward to helping you reach your Educational and Employment goals.



Employment Counseling Team:

The team will review your goals and work with you on how to apply your current military and civilian skill-sets to secure an immediate job or assist you with steps needed to achieve your career objectives. The counselors will walk you through the process to secure your career goals. The team is skilled at providing employment support and can work with you in a variety of areas to enhance your skills even if your goals require additional education. The team will work with you to match your interests, abilities, and job values to help you explore career and educational options. They will also assist you to build or enhance your resume as well as work with you on interview techniques..

Education Counseling Team:

The team will assist you by answering any questions you might have on your GI Bill benefits, Federal and State Tuition Assistance programs, researching schools on their Military friendliness, Degree Plan programs, and much more. Our counselors are heavily trained on policy matters for all of the Education Benefit programs and provide in-depth guidance. Counselors can help to guide you to a plan that will maximize the Education Benefits that are provided to Army National Guard Soldiers.

Officers Without Degree Counseling Team:

This team focuses on supporting completion of bachelor’s degree requirements needed for promotion. The team provides a pathway to commissioning and successful completion of a degree to ensure Officer Candidates/Officers achieve their career objectives. The counseling team works with each Officer Candidate/Officer to complete a degree plan that fits their needs to obtain their goals and meet military civilian education obligation for promotion.

GSC Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the GSC through one of the methods below:

Army National Guard Support Center
BOX 46 Camp J. T. Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600
Toll Free: