LaVern E. Weber

National Guard Professional Education Center

About PEC

"Training our full time staff was the first issue I wanted to address when I became Chief of the National Guard Bureau, the result was the Professional Education Center."
     --LaVern E. Weber, 1999

Command Sergeant Major
History of PEC
Accreditation & Continuing Education

The Lavern E. Weber Professional Education Center, located at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is the national training center for the Army National Guard. The Professional Education Center (PEC) has been a full service training and conferencing facility since 1974. Over the past quarter of a century, PEC has undergone changes to its leadership, staff, facilities, training methodologies, and conference support. Its mission is committed in providing “excellence in education to the total force.” At the heart of the Professional Education Center are the training centers:

Camp Robinson is home to the PEC and its 75-acre campus consisting of 25 buildings and a total staff of approximately 420 military, civilian contractor personnel. We annually provide instruction to over 20,000 members of the military force.

The Professional Education Center also hosts over 5,000 conferees annually from the National Guard, Army Reserve, Active Army, DOD, State and Federal agencies. These conferences typically provide 3 to 5 day training sessions covering specific subjects and discussions on a wide variety of issues such as: mobilizations and deployments; standards; new tactics, techniques, and procedures; and leadership development. The Army National Guard Senior Commanders' Conference, FORSCOM Command Readiness Program Conference, Winston P. Wilson Marksmanship Competition, Training and Requirements Opportunities Sourcing Conference, Army National Guard Fixed Wing Conference, and the Army National Guard Chief of Staff Advisory Council Conference are just a few of the conferences held at PEC.

The Professional Education Center is on the leading edge of providing Distributed Learning Courses to all members of the National Guard. Its unique mission has allowed the means to prepare, deliver, and provide the training that is necessary to train the entire military force by utilizing the latest technologies to accomplish its mission. MG Schultz has stated that it is necessary to “train soldiers to do their jobs.” PEC is now able to reach the full-time reserve force through the Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) and other training sites and armories through web-based training, video production, and two-way audio and video. Additionally, PEC collaborates with other schoolhouses and agencies to leverage the full spectrum of media and training delivery. Through these efforts, satellite facilities at our schoolhouse are able to provide the vehicle for training delivery throughout the world.

PEC vision...

To be the National Guard's premier, accredited institution of excellence.

PEC mission...

To train National Guard personnel and support events to enhance National Guard readiness.

PEC strategy...

The vision presented by the Professional Education Center senior leaders builds from its current position. PEC is an educational organization with brief intensive courses of instruction on selected topics relating to a particular field. Based on this fact, we believe the next natural step is to further organize our programs and validate our quality by proceeding with accreditation as an institution. PEC has placed a milestone to have the planning and organization required for certification in place by 2013.

We must obtain accreditation to validate our quality and maintain the trust that our products provide benefits beyond knowledge. PEC has placed a milestone to be accredited by the year 2016. This will improve not only the individual, but their community, the state, and the National Guard as well by giving the Soldier something tangible to carry forward into the workforce and the community.

The final milestone PEC has established is to be premier. To accomplish this we must strive to be the best, in all aspects of our business, and position ourselves, our customers and our partners to deliver the best. PEC senior leaders have identified many strategic objectives to achieve this vision. These innovative projects will continue over time as we strive to become the National Guard's Premier, Accredited Training Institute.

PEC values...

To provide guidance during the planning process, the PEC senior leadership reviewed PEC’s values – the principles that have driven its history and frame its future. These principles are familiar to PEC members, and create the foundation to distinguish PEC as the National Guard’s premier, accredited training institute.


  • Innovation: To enhance or improve our products, services, and methods that provides cost effective benefits to our customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Quality: To deliver high grade, superiority, and excellence in our products, services and internal processes that drive benefits beyond mere knowledge.
  • Integrity: To maintain steadfast adherence in honesty, candor, ethics, morals and accountability.
  • Teamwork: To maximize cooperation and coordination efforts between all customers, partners, stakeholders and the PEC workforce to drive the success and achievement of our customers.
  • Customer Focused: To listen carefully and pay attention to the customer at all times.
  • Family Oriented: To consider the workforce family in all we do.
  • Transparency: To be open at all levels to effective public scrutiny and oversight