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National Guard Professional Education Center


Did you know?

Effective 01 May 2014 the Guard Support Center will no longer provide education counseling services, to include GoArmyEd support. All education related issues should be routed through the respective State Education Service Office (ESO) for assistance. A list of ESO offices is available at National Guard Education.

Support for GI Bill related issues will remain available and can be accessed through either walk-in, 1.866.628.599 or email GSC.
2/17/2012COL Timothy Keasling assumes command of the Professional Education Center.
In 1976 PEC had 2,200 customers and in 2001 that number jumped to 34,053.
PEC started out teaching in buildings that were constructed during World War I... and some of those buildings are still in use today!
Camp Robinson was selected from over 10 sites nationally to be the home of PEC.
PEC currently resides on 75 acres.
PEC has been training the National Guard force since 1974.

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